Enhancing work and personal relationships

through the wisdom of horses

Equine-Assisted Learning & Leadership

We design horse activities that build on a

strengths-based assessment of each team member

Get professional guidance for enhancing team performance and leadership skills.

Horses have the unique ability

to serve as a mirror into our behavior.

What we see in the mirror can help us improve our interactions with others.

We believe in mentoring others in the discovery of their uniqueness and independence, helping them to see future possibilities and to create the confidence to develop limitless achievement, individually or as a team.

Horses have the unique ability to serve as a mirror into our behavior. What we see in the mirror can help us improve our interaction with others.

It Makes Horse Sense

As members of a herd, horses have strong instincts to bond for survival, success, and well being and to use their individuality to position themselves in the herd for the better of the group. A herd can teach us what it’s really like to be part of an effective team.

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Know the Impression You’re Giving

Ask a horse. Horses offer immediate feedback about our presence, emotional intelligence, and body language. Horses can sense nervousness, aggression, tension, insecurity, anger, and frustration. They can also detect calm, level-headed, and decisive behavior. Horses are masters at detecting incongruence between our thoughts and our actions, making them natural teachers of awareness and facilitators of change

Our workshops can help to:
  • Improve leadership and communication style

  • Instill confidence and creative problem solving

  • Create trust as the foundation for successful team work

  • Develop assertiveness and define boundaries

Are you ready to enhance your team performance and leadership skills?

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Our Workshops


Leadership & Team Development Workshop

Our Leadership & Development Workshop is designed to enhance team communication and leadership skills. By using ground activities with the horses, we help illuminate issues and action items for enhancing team performance and leadership style.

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Character-Based Leadership Workshop

Horses are great at teaching us to be authentic human beings. Through the process of equine experiential learning, we can learn to develop self-awareness, through our values, habits, and thoughts and to invoke changes to become congruent with the person we would truly like to be.

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Parent/Teen Communication Workshop

Our Parent/Teen Workshop is a great bonding experience for parents and their teens. We focus on developing trust and enhancing communication and collaboration skills that will help to create more harmonious relationships.

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High School Leadership Workshop

Our youth are the leaders of the future. We provide teens with the opportunity to learn about team building and leadership issues, the value of first impressions, establishing relationships, the importance of trust, and integrating cooperation and collaboration.

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No Horse Experience Required

We partner with horses to create a fun yet powerful approach to the transformation of working and personal relationships.

Never rode a horse before? No problem. You won’t be riding at Dashing W. And, you don’t have to know a thing about horses to get the benefits of our workshops. Exercises take place on the ground, in a safe environment, side-by-side with the horses. Just be yourself, be honest, and the horses (and practitioners) will do the rest.

"Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare."

Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Have a question or not sure which workshop is best for you or your team? We can help you tailor your learning experience.