Strengthen Leadership Through the Horse-Human Connection at Dashing W Farm!

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    January 6, 2019

    We have horses here at Dashing W Farm, but – we don’t do horse racing or horse breeding. And we don’t teach horseback riding, dressage, or horsemanship skills. So, you might be wondering what kind of services we provide.

    At Dashing W Farm, we partner with horses to help people enhance their leadership skills by exploring the horse-human connection and what we can learn about ourselves from horses.


    Horses are amazing animals. They are very aware of their environment and have a lot to teach us about being present in the moment. Getting back to nature and learning how to live in the moment is especially important in this age of technology. We are all very distracted by the internet, our cell phones, and social media. All of this technology is affecting our social awareness and the way we interact with other people, which can have a negative impact on our leadership skills as well as our communication with other people – at work, at home, or at school.

    When we are around horses, they are constantly giving us feedback about our own presence. As the well-known horse trainer Buck Brannaman has said, “Horses are very keen on body language, and what I refer to as ‘presence’, and expression. They know quite a bit about you before you ever get to ‘em. They can read things about you clear across an arena.”

    Horses are great at giving us feedback about our authenticity – about whether what we say matches our actions. Horses are also great at helping us build confidence. They let us know when we are being too weak. They also let us know when we are coming on too strong and arrogant. Horses look for a calm and determined leadership style.

    We often say that working with horses is like holding up a mirror to show us our true selves. Sometimes we don’t like what we see, but we have to face the mirror to see the values, habits and limiting beliefs that we need to change to improve our lives.


    At Dashing W Farm, we partner with horses to mentor others in the discovery of their uniqueness and independence, helping them to see future possibilities and to create the confidence to develop limitless achievement, individually or as a team.

    We help people achieve these improvements in their work and personal lives by doing ground activities with horses. No riding is involved and no experience with horses is needed. All you have to do is show up and be yourself. We do a lot of fun and challenging activities with the horses that will exercise your courage, your resolve, your problem-solving skills, and your ability to interact with others to achieve a goal.  The activities with the horses will help you see the things about your leadership and communication style that may need improvement – and we facilitate you through the process of making parallels between what happens with the horses and what happens in the office or in other parts of your life. We also help you define your action items for change. And you will probably gain a lot of confidence in yourself and your abilities as a result of the experience!

    You can read a lot of books and attend a lot of seminars about leadership and team development – which is good – but leadership and communication with others is a participation sport. You have to practice and get hands-on experience to really make the necessary changes for improvement. If you can lead our team, you can lead yours!


    So that’s what we do here at Dashing W Farm! Check out our workshop descriptions ( and our upcoming event schedule for 2019 ( In addition to our scheduled events, we offer private group and one-on-one workshops for Leadership and Team Development as well as Character-Based Leadership. We do this for corporate and non-profit groups, high school and middle school students, teachers and educational administrators, and families. This is an engaging way for everyone to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement – with a little help from a herd of horses!

    Look for our future blog posts about leadership and team development!


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