Our Workshops

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) Workshops

The EAL workshops at Dashing W Farm offer organizations, individuals, and families a stimulating, experiential learning experience on its 5.26-acre horse farm.

We have applied experiential learning theory, knowledge of horses, and years of educational experience to the development of our various workshops. EAL involves doing ground work with horses in a safe, non-threatening environment, to strengthen who we should be as individuals, as team players, and as leaders of others. Through participation in well-planned horse activities, horses give feedback about the actions, and even thoughts, of workshop participants. Skilled facilitators help participants discover what the horses uncover about their communication skills. Facilitators also help participants develop solutions for improvement. The mirror into our behavior that is provided through interaction with horses is what gives EAL meaning and impact, making it different from other team-building approaches.