Character-Based Leadership Workshop

Did you know that many leaders fail due to lack of character rather than lack of competence?

As described in Becoming a Leader of Character by J. Anderson and D. Anderson, the six habits of character-based leadership are courage, humility, integrity, selflessness, duty, and positivity. Similar concepts are found in Simon Sinek’s Leader’s Eat Last and Travis Bradberry’s Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Spend the day with us at Dashing W Farm as we explore how to develop character-based leadership habits through the help of our equine partners.

You will experience ground activities with the horses, coupled with stimulating, reflective discussion sessions, that will help you develop an action plan for the development of these habits. No prior experience with horses is needed with these ground-based activities.  All it takes is the curiosity – and the courage (one of the foundational habits of character-based leadership) – to find out what you can learn about leadership from the power of the herd!

Our Character-Based Leadership Workshop is offered periodically as a Women’s Leadership Workshop, providing an excellent forum for women to develop confidence in their leadership style!

Components of the Workshop

Character-Based Leadership Assessment
Prior to the workshop, we recommend that you purchase a copy of Anderson and Anderson’s book on Becoming Leader of Character (about $15.00 on Amazon) and take their online Mirror Character Assessment. We also conduct an online survey to get your input about character-based challenges in your own work environment.

Workshop Objectives
Our workshop on Character-Based Leadership is based on an integration of concepts from three important thought leaders on the subject of character-based leadership:

  • Anderson and Anderson, Becoming a Leader of Character
  • Simon Sinek, Leader’s Eat Last
  • Travis Bradberry, Emotional Intelligence 2.0

We have explored the intersection of concepts from these three books and have used this as the basis to define activities with the horses that help to stimulate insightful discussion of character-based leadership.

Day of the Workshop
On the day of the workshop, we will begin with a brief overview of traits that define a leader of character. After a safety demonstration, you will experience a variety of activities with our equine partners that are designed to illuminate character-based leadership issues. We facilitate the debrief of each activity with the goal of raising awareness of character-based leadership traits and helping you define an action plan to become a leader of character!

Workshop Evaluation
At the end of the workshop, we conduct a facilitator/workshop assessment.

Workshop Benefits

  • Develop an awareness of your leadership and communication style

  • Understand the impact that your character as a leader has on your team

  • Learn that you don’t need a title to be a character-based leader

  • Develop the confidence to be the leader of character you truly want to be

  • Define an action plan for developing your character traits

There’s nothing like being around the serenity of the farm and the horses to help you reflect more deeply on who you want to be as a leader.