Leadership & Team Development Workshop

The Leadership & Team Development Workshop is a one-day program designed to enhance team communication and leadership skills.

Using ground activities with the horses, together with a debriefing session after each activity, we help to illuminate issues and action items for enhancing team performance and leadership style. The power of the approach is found in the hands-on nature of the activities with the horses, together with the opportunity to reflect on and integrate the experience into the context of your own work environment.

Throughout the day, we use the CliftonStrengths assessment of each team member to help each participant recognize and use their own strengths and to also appreciate the strengths of each team member.

Get ready for a leadership and team-building experience with real impact!

Components of the Workshop

Strengths-Based Team Assessment
Prior to the workshop, we conduct an on-line, strengths-based assessment of each participant, as well as a work environment survey. Each participant receives a copy of the book Strengths-Based Leadership by Tom Rath, with a code for accessing the online assessment.

Workshop Objectives
Based on the work environment survey, we help your team define objectives for the workshop and create an agenda with appropriate horse activities and workshop material. Activities can be designed to focus on issues such as:

  • Group and leadership dynamics
  • The impact of different communication and leadership styles
  • Creative problem solving
  • Cooperation and collaboration for effective team work
  • Assertiveness and boundaries
  • Roles and relationships
  • Trust as the foundation for successful leadership and teamwork

Day of the Workshop
On the day of the workshop, we review the team objectives and assessment/survey results. After a safety demonstration, you will experience a variety of activities with our equine partners that are focused on the needs of your group. We facilitate the debrief of each activity with the goal of helping the team understand and appreciate their strengths, celebrate successes, and develop an action plan for any changes that are needed to create a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Workshop Evaluation and Summary
At the end of the workshop, we conduct a facilitator/workshop assessment. Within two weeks of the workshop, we also provide a written summary of the team’s discussion from the debrief activities as well as the team’s action plan for change.

Progress Assessment
We check in at 30, 60, or 90 days following the workshop about progress towards the action plan.

Workshop Benefits

  • Develop an awareness of your leadership and communication style and the impact it has on the team
  • Learn how to leverage your strengths for improved communication and more effective leadership
  • Develop an awareness of your strengths
  • Understand how to use team strengths to improve team performance
  • Learn the different stages of team development
  • Discover the importance of non-verbal body language
  • Understand the need for effective communication at all levels
  • Learn to create a more collaborative team work environment
  • Discover the role that trust plays in creating the foundation for successful team work