What to Expect

What To Expect

  • Pre-Workshop Assessment

    Our workshops are more than just a fun day with the horses! We typically conduct some form of pre-workshop assessment to help us plan a meaningful experience for your group. Pre-worshop preparation can include online assessments from leading books associated with the theme of the workshop, Survey Monkey surveys that we prepare to collect information about individuals and groups, and in-person interviews with the leadership of corporate groups or high-school students. Check the description of each specific workshop for assessment details.

  • Safety Briefing

    Each workshop begins with a horse safety briefing, followed by activities to help all participants get comfortable around horses. This introduction to our equine partners is a pivotal moment that begins a series of unique, interactive activities designed to meet the needs of each group.

  • Debriefing Session

    After each activity with the horses, we conduct a debriefing session to help participants reflect on and extract meaning from their experience. We also facilitate participants through the process of defining an action plan for change based on the learning objectives of each workshop.

  • Action Plan

    At the end of each workshop, we provide a compilation of the revelations and action plans for change. You leave with a lifelong memory of what a horse has taught you about how to improve yourself, your teamwork, and your leadership skills.

  • Workshop Evaluation and Results Report

    For all workshops, we give participants the opportunity to provide an assessment of the facilitators and workshop experience. For private corporate workshops, we provide a written report of the results within two weeks of the workshop and conduct a follow-up meeting to assess the impact of the experience.

How to Prepare

  • TIME

    A typical day is from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Short breaks with refreshments and snacks are provided throughout the day and lunch is included.


    All activities are conducted outdoors. Wear comfortable and casual clothing that you don’t mind getting soiled. Long pants are preferred and closed-toe/heel shoes are required (no exceptions).


    Our liability insurance requires that everyone participating in the experience with horses sign our Registration & Release Form.

“A sign of a Good Leader is not how many followers you have, but how many Leaders you create.”
—Mahatma Ghandi