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Workshop Coordinators

Susan and Joseph Urban

Susan and Joe are Level 2-Certified Advanced Practitioners for Corporate Education through the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A). As such, they have hands-on, arena experience with facilitating and debriefing horse activities that are designed for communications, teamwork, and leadership training in organizational groups.

Together, they conduct the equine-assisted learning workshops at Dashing W Farm, each bringing their own special skill sets.


Joseph Urban, PhD


Raised in North Miami, FL, Joe grew up near three race tracks, so at an early age he realized the influence horses would have on his life- even to the point of meeting and marrying a fellow horse lover. Though his career led him to Computer Science, that academic leadership and then later experience in the military and government helped shape his leadership and management expertise, which became the foundation for his equine-assisted learning.

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Susan Darling Urban, PhD


Susan has been around horses for most of her life. At a young age, she watched her father, a Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Association Hall of Famer, build a successful horse breeding and racing business in Louisiana. Susan continued his legacy of quarter horse breeding for five years, with her sister, as co-owner of Darling Farms, LLC. Now a partner with her husband at Dashing W Farm, she works with her beloved team – four of her Dad’s retired races horses.

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