Why Horses

Equine-Assisted Learning

Why Horses?

Equine Experiential Education (E3) is a fun, engaging, and hands-on approach to learning through interaction with horses.

Horses have been a human companion since ancient times. Horses and humans are both social animals, demonstrating trust, respect, and integrity, while also creating interdependent relationships. Horses and humans also share the characteristics of playfulness and the desire to have fun. Since both species are sensory beings, they are each aware of social situations, emotions, and intentions. Horses, in particular, bring three important aspects to the E3 learning experience.

Our mission

We believe in mentoring others in the discovery of their uniqueness
and independence, helping them to see future possibilities and to create
the confidence to develop limitless achievement, individually or as a team.

Herd Mentality

Like people, horses are social animals. Horses add the strength of herd behavior. Horses live and work together as a herd. They establish hierarchical relationships within the herd, clearly making a distinction between leader and follower. Leaders lead without fear and gain the trust and respect of the rest of the herd. Members of the herd have clear duties and create bonds of trust and cooperation within the herd. The herd always acts for the best interest of the herd and not individual members. The herd mentality of horses has a lot to teach us about successfully working together as a team.

The Ability to Mirror Our Behavior

Horses are masters of non-verbal communication. They have an uncanny ability to sense what we are feeling and thinking. They can detect incongruence between what we are feeling and the way we are behaving. In fact, it has often been said that horses don’t lie (Horses Don’t Lie by Chris Irwin). As a result, horses serve as a mirror of our behavior, reading our body language and reflecting what we communicate. The way we behave with horses is likely the way we behave with others. Horses can help us to understand effective versus ineffective behavior.

Prey Behavior and the Ability to Live in the Moment

As prey animals, horses are keenly aware of their environment. Survival of the herd depends on their alertness and their ability to respond to danger. As a result, horses live in the moment. They are not worried about the past or the future. Horses can teach us to focus and to be truly present in the here and now. Improving our ability to live in the moment can help to improve our own communication skills.

“Horses teach us the impact that we’re having when we walk into a space. They teach us about our clarity — whether or not what we say is really what we mean — and the impact we have on others.”
—Kelly Wendorf, Entrepreneur and Life Coach